Hamilton House

Boys High School

Boutique tutor centre

Hamilton House provides world-class tutoring in a variety of subjects such as Mathematics, English and Zulu.

We help children quickly and dramatically improve their grades and self confidence, preparing them for high school admissions. We also provide coaching for entrance exams and scholarships.

Individual after
school tutoring

R 480 p/h

Group after
school tutoring

R 290 p/h

Coaching for entrance exams
and scholarships

R 500 p/h

*Groups shall not exceed 6 in number.

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    Coding &
    Robotics Courses
    Coding courses for future-oriented learners. Hosted by Hamilton House, the 2023 program introduces multiple aspects of coding and robotics for all ages and levels. Learn coding and programming with practical experience while building actual robots.
    Boys High School


    Boys High School