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Ducimus non Ducimur

- we lead, we are not led -


Hamilton House High School is focused on developing excellence in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, without abandoning the richness of the Humanities.

We recognise that artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the Internet of Things are rapidly beginning to play a dominant role in our lives. We therefore aim to produce lifelong learners who will lead South Africa into enjoying the fruits of these new technologies. We will stand out in the field of Coding and Robotics.

The future will be a challenge to our humanity. Hamilton House will nurture an environment that promotes critical thinking and problem solving.

Hamilton House is a non-denominational school, deeply committed to honouring our diversity as South Africans. As such, we seek to embody the spirit of Ubuntu: A person is a person because of other people.

Our core values are ENRICH:


Skhumbuzo Ntumba

Skhumbuzo matriculated at Tholitemba High School and has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of the Free State specialising in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology.

Liam Kovel

Liam matriculated at St Johns College and has a Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Governance and Classical Studies, an Honours degree in History and Curriculum Theory. Both his degrees were obtained at the University of Cape Town. His specializations are English and History.

Thandi Lester

Thandi matriculated at St Boniface High School and has a Bachelor’s degree from Sol Plaatje University specialising in Business Studies and Economics.

Paul Cammidge

Paul is an experienced IT professional with expertise in Robotics and software development. He has run his own IT business for the last 24 years. Paul is our consultant providing us with valuable support and direction in our Coding and Robotics program.


Hamilton House is a place to grow and support learners preparing them to take their rightful place in the world.

Two notable individuals inspire our name: Hamilton Naki and William Hamilton.

Hamilton Naki was born to a poor Xhosa family in a rural village in the Eastern Cape. Upon completing primary school, at the age of 14, he migrated west, where he found work as a gardener at the University of Cape Town. Later, he was given new responsibilities caring for the animals in the medical research faculty. This brought him into contact with the medical professionals who practised their surgical skills on animals. Hamilton Naki, without any formal training, became an expert at performing organ transplants in the animal lab, training many surgeons at the University’s medical school. He worked with Dr Christian Barnard whose surgical team performed the very first human heart transplant. Barnard is reported to have said:  “A liver transplant is much more difficult than a heart transplant … Hamilton can do all the various aspects of liver transplantation, which I can’t do. So technically, he is a better surgeon than I am.”

William Hamilton was the fourth of nine children to be born of Irish parents in Dublin in 1805. At three years of age, he went to live with his uncle, who ran a school in Talbot’s Castle, where he showed a great affinity for languages and mathematics. He studied at Trinity College, Dublin and whilst still an undergraduate was appointed the Royal Astronomer of Ireland. Hamilton’s work was central to the modern study of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics.

Both these individuals inspire us. Their backgrounds speak to us of human potential in a diverse world, remind us of our inhumanity, call us to learn from the past and charge us to shape the future for our mutual benefit. Hamilton House will be that inspiration!

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