At Hamilton House we have chosen to offer extracurricular sport in an original and innovative format. This is based on research that focuses on the holistic development of athletes and the aim of creating lifelong sportsmen.  Our innovative and thoroughly modern approach does not stop with how we train and coach our players. It extends into the flexibility of the sporting codes offered, the supplementary mental and physical training and the importance of body conditioning sessions.

Sport will be outsourced as an optional extra to professionals and we will be guided by our boys’ interests and talents. Hamilton House will make full use of the club structures that abound in close proximity.

While technical coaching in each discipline is essential, we will also focus on the integration of functional fitness and mental training programs. It is vital for players to develop strong bodies to ward off injuries and manage rigorous training programmes. Mental health is an integral part of a player’s development as it focuses on improving one’s attitude and mental toughness by identifying limiting beliefs and embracing a healthier philosophy to sport.

Sport is about fun, enjoyment, health and ultimately competition. Our players will take part in the various leagues, tournaments and invitational events in their respective disciplines.

The young men of Hamilton House will be offered many choices.

Our young musicians will be able to continue developing their talents. They will have access to the world class music facilities at St Mary’s Waverley which is within walking distance from Hamilton House.
The artists among us will be able to choose an art option instead of music or sport.

We invite you to get in touch with us and allow us to take you through the various programs that are constantly evolving for our young sportsmen.