Please complete our Online Application Form below.  A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate must be uploaded as an attachment to this form.  A non-refundable registration fee of R 750,00 is payable on submission, via EFT.  Please use your son’s Name and Surname as reference.

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    1. The fees of the School are adjusted annually, to meet inflation and the needs of the School.
    2. All fees and other charges are payable to and recoverable by Hamilton House School.
    3. Each term’s fees and disbursements are payable in advance on, or before, the first day of the term, or otherwise monthly, if arranged with the School. The School will be entitled to charge interest on all overdue accounts at a rate of 5% above the prescribed rate laid down from time to time in the Prescribed Rate of Interest Act. Should the fees owing not be paid, the School shall be entitled to exclude the pupil and terminate this contract.
    4. There shall be no entitlement to any rebate of fees if the pupil is absent for any portion of a term owing to illness or any other cause.
    5. Admission is finalised upon the successful completion of the following:
    - An interview with the Headmaster
    - A place is offered
    - An acceptance is signed and completed by parents/guardian
    - The deposit of one full term’s fee is paid
    - A contract is signed with the school
    6. Upon submission of this application the parents/guardian consent to a credit check


    NAME: Hamilton House School
    BANK: First National Bank
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62844635641
    BRANCH NUMBER: 255805
    BRANCH NAME: Hyde Park
    REFERENCE: Your Son's Name and Surname


    Please attach a copy of your son's Birth Certificate as well as proof of deposit of the application fee (R 750,00).

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    We/I apply for the admission of our/my child to Hamilton House School. We/I agree that my child's admission will be subject to the contractural conditions, which appear below, and such other conditions that may be laid down by the School from time to time. Where both parents accept the conditions, our liability is joint and several, the one paying, the other to be absolved.

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    Admission Criteria

    • Preference will be given to boys from Pridwin Preparatory School and The Ridge for entry into Grade 8. Places are offered on a first-come-first-served basis, with the exception of Old Boy’s sons, Teacher’s sons, diverse candidates, siblings of past or present Hamilton House boys.
    • Boys seeking admission to Hamilton House will have a keen interest in the STEM subjects.
    • Boys from Pridwin and The Ridge will be exempt from writing an entrance exam but will be required to achieve a minimum average of 60% in their Grade 6 year in English, Mathematics and Science in their school assessments. All other applicants will be required to write an entrance exam.
    • All boys will be interviewed before final acceptance.
    • All boys’ fee accounts should be in good financial standing with their primary schools.
    • All boys seeking admission should have a good disciplinary record with their primary school.
    • The boy’s age must be appropriate for the grade: i.e. he should be 13 turning 14 in Grade 8.
    • The boy must have the potential to derive maximum benefit from the education offered at Hamilton House without over-extending the resources available to the detriment of the other learners at the school.
    • The parents must indicate a real desire to have their son educated at Hamilton House and they must accept the values on which the school is based. The parent must be willing and able to pay the fees or have been granted a bursary.
    • The parents must consent to a credit check.