The Hamilton House Annual Robotics Competition, 2021

The Hamilton House Annual Robotics Competition 2021 On 15 October this year, Hamilton House hosted a Robotics Competition between four Preparatory Schools in the region – Pridwin, The Ridge, Grayston, and Bryanston. This was the first of what we plan to be an annual event, inviting more schools to attend. All of the planning was […]

When Magic Meets Science – Farewell 2020!

When Magic Meets Science – Farewell 2020! The end of the year is an exciting and exhausting time for everyone (especially Santa Clause who apparently has 2.1 billion children to visit on Christmas Eve… as you’ll learn below). And this year, being more stressful than most, I’m sure everyone needs the extra time for self-love […]

Welcome New Key Appointments To Hamilton House


Welcoming New Key Appointments To Hamilton House Hamilton House is proud to announce two key appointments – Director of Academics and Director of Coding and Robotics. Director of Academics – Abdulmugheeth Petersen Abdulmugeeth has a BA degree from the University of the Western Cape majoring in English and Psychology. Abdulmugheeth says: “My core belief in […]

Interrogating and Shaping the World Through Science

Interrogating and Shaping the World Through Science A Conversation with Ainissa Ramirez Hamilton House has an explicit mission to develop learners with specific strengths in the STEM subjects. This will give our young men an advantage in their abilities to understand the world they live in and take deliberate steps to improve it. An important step […]

STEM Education

STEM Education STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. These educational disciplines are the foundation of STEM, a loose term used to describe education and careers that directly relate to the hard sciences. This type of education, and the careers that follow, are essential to the long-term success of our country. We need STEM experts to […]

School fees

School fees Covid-19 has prompted many to question the value they receive for the school fees paid. When the virus first made its appearance it was common to give it a disruptive lifespan of about two or three months. We are now coming to the realisation that it will be around for much longer. We […]

Class Size Matters

Class size matters Hamilton House is geographically situated in the most well established part of Johannesburg where monastic education has a long and reputable tradition. A simple analysis of the independent schools available reveals that there are more options for girls than there are for boys. As a consequence, the existing boys’ schools are much […]

Why a Boys’ only School?

What are the benefits of an all boys education? I am often asked “why a boys only school”? Economically it would make sense to include girls in a brand new school simply because girls make up slightly more than 50% of the population. Why ignore half of the market? Hamilton House is geographically situated in […]