Selwyn Marx, a well-respected and accomplished educator, leads Hamilton House as headmaster.

Selwyn has over 40 years of experience as an educator in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. He has been a headmaster for 27 years; the last 16 years at Pridwin where he grew the school from a single class per grade to three classes per grade by 2017.

During his tenure at Pridwin he steered the introduction of cutting edge of technology in the classrooms and the robotic and computer labs. Many of the teachers who have taught under Selwyn have gone on to lead their own schools.

Selwyn has a passion for developing boys to their full potential. He has spent over half his career in boys-only schools and fully understands how to nurture independence, leadership and respect in this environment.

During his career, Selwyn lectured at the Johannesburg College of Education (now the Wits Education Faculty), demonstrating a deep understanding of pedagogy.

He also values the role of sport in education. He has coached cricket and football at a school level, as well as volleyball at club and provincial level, leading his team to win the national championships for 6 successive years.

When outside of the school environment, Selwyn enjoys flying his glider and spending time with his family.