Hamilton House

Boys High School

School fees

Covid-19 has prompted many to question the value they receive for the school fees paid. When the virus first made its appearance it was common to give it a disruptive lifespan of about two or three months. We are now coming to the realisation that it will be around for much longer. We must prepare ourselves to live with the effects of the virus for years to come.

This will have an impact on education as schools stop and start to cope with viral outbreaks in their respective communities. Bigger schools will be more severely affected. Sport and extra-mural activities will be curtailed for years to come. More and more parents in independent schools will begin to question whether their school fees are reasonable under the circumstances. A quick internet search will reveal that independent boys’ high schools charge between R150 000 and R200 000 per annum. We can expect these fees to be increased by about 4 or 5% in 2021.

Hamilton House will charge R99 850 for tuition fees in 2021. We believe that the schools of the future will have to be a lot more focussed on their core business of providing an excellent education and avoid massive infrastructure costs that burden the present school model.