Hamilton House

Boys High School

Class size matters

Hamilton House is geographically situated in the most well established part of Johannesburg where monastic education has a long and reputable tradition. A simple analysis of the independent schools available reveals that there are more options for girls than there are for boys. As a consequence, the existing boys’ schools are much larger with a significant number of learners per grade. Many boys find themselves lost in such big environments.

Hamilton House is deliberately small. Our reputation is not built on the strength of our rugby teams but on the strength and uniqueness of our academic programme. To achieve this we will only enrol 20 boys per grade. There are enormous benefits to small, intimate learning environments.

Customised Learning

In a small environment educators get to know their students very well and are able to modify the curriculum to suit individual learning styles. Learners can work at their own pace and educators can support individual learning needs. No one is kept waiting for anyone to catch up.

Project Based Learning

In a small, intimate learning environment, much more time is available for experiential learning. Most of us learn much more by doing than by listening. Small groups are able to get much more hands on experience doing projects.

More Interaction

Small classes allow for more opportunities for every boy to question, debate, share ideas and get involved. No individual can withdraw because there is nowhere to hide and everyone is therefore encouraged to participate.

Real Time Feedback

In a small class the teacher is able to notice everyone’s contributions and give better and more effective feedback on learning progress. Boys in smaller classes benefit from a more thorough assessment of their work.

Peer Learning

In a small, intimate classroom environment learners are able to learn from everyone in the class. Peer learning provides a social context for classroom activities, increases motivation and focusses attention on learning objectives.

Hamilton House offers your son the unique opportunity to develop his full potential in a small class of only 20 boys, with plenty of opportunity to collaborate in a technology rich, project-based learning environment.