Hamilton House

Boys High School

What is your measure of school excellence?

Schools are often measured by their Matric results. A very simple mathematical calculation is made to determine the average number of distinctions per matric student in the year group.

If school A’s average is higher than school B’s, then A is better than B! Well is it? I would argue not necessarily so. What if school A was situated in a wealthy neighbourhood, had a well-funded endowment and gave scholarships to the best and brightest from the wider community and School B gave no scholarships but was heavily invested in developing every single one of its students to their full potential? Could B possibly be better than A?

I think a far better measure of school excellence lies in the school’s value system. Is the school invested in developing the whole boy? Does the school know and understand your boy? Will the school adapt it’s practice to meet the needs of the individual or is conformity more important than personality, learning style and academic ability?

Hamilton House, a small boutique high school, with no more than 20 boys in a grade is taking applications for grade 8 in 2021. Don’t let your son get lost in the crowd!